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Operational Leaders

Jun 23, 2021

Jersey Finance celebrates its 20th year as a member organization formed to champion the competitive position of Jersey's finance industry.  The celebration coincides with the Island of Jersey’s 60th anniversary as a leading finance center. 

In this episode, Jersey Finance Deputy CEO, Amy Bryant, and Legal and Technical Manager, Peggy Gielen, discuss the merits of Jersey for investment fund domiciliation.  They talk about the origins of Jersey as a finance center and its investment funds focus.  Amy and Peggy emphasize Jersey’s benefits, including professional expertise, political and fiscal stability and a consistent outlook from a regulatory, legal and economic perspective. 

Amy and Peggy note Jersey’s status as a UK crown dependency, but that it is a self-governing parliamentary democracy.  As a result, Jersey avoided the UK consequences of Brexit and also provides a gateway into Europe and the rest of the world to access investors.

To learn more about Amy, Peggy and their organization, please visit the Jersey Finance website.

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