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Operational Leaders

Feb 24, 2021

Alan Meaney stands at the forefront of the fintech movement that’s changing the operational side of investment management firms. He serves as the CEO and was co-founder of Fund Recs, a company originally built to automate the trade and transactions reconciliation process.  Now Fund Recs is venturing out to help firms automate their internal process.

In this episode, Alan talks about the fund reconciliation problem he and his co-founder saw when they started Fund Recs in 2013.  He discusses the challenges in trying to develop industry-wide standards for the creation and transmission of data, and how that created opportunities for Fund Recs.  Alan also describes a key early decision to rely on the Cloud rather than local solutions.  He then turns to talk about new initiatives to help the buy-side and weighs in on the promise of future no-code solutions for simplifying the automation of all sorts of processes.

To learn more about Alan and Fund Recs, please visit the company website.


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