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Operational Leaders

Dec 2, 2020

Bill Salus has spent the past 30 years in the fund administration business, and previously served as Global Chief Executive Officer for Apex Fund Services.  He is now the CEO and Founder of Paddock Consultancy, a firm that advises asset, fund, and investment servicing firms on engagements across the investment management ecosystem.

In this episode, Bill adds his unique and independent perspective on the state of the fund administration business.  He explains how fund accounting remains at the heart of the business, but that it is transforming to more of a data-oriented business.  In addition, he sees fund administration firms playing a bigger role in providing a broader range of outsourced expertise and services. 

Bill also explains how administrators distinguish themselves from one another in a global industry with nearly 700 firms.  He emphasizes that the ability to attract and retain customers is based not just on technical ability to service clients but also trust and relationships.

Finally, Bill discusses some of the current acquisition activity in the administration space, what is driving it, and what it might mean for managers. 

To learn more about Bill and Paddock Consultancy, please visit the firm’s website.