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Operational Leaders

Sep 23, 2020

Christine Chang has spent the better part of her career in the investment management business, and a significant amount of that time working in family office organizations.  Most recently, she held the position of Chief Executive Officer.

In this episode, Christine recaps her career.  She explains how, with a liberal arts background, she rose to the position of CEO by consistently seeking out roles involving the most quantitative challenges. She also talks about her experience in family offices, including how they operate, how they invest and how they vary from one office to the next.  In addition, she discusses some of the latest trends in the family office space.

Christine is also an active supporter of several charities. One of her favorites - where she served as past Chairperson - is Bottomless Closet, a not-for-profit empowering women in NYC to achieve financial self-sufficiency.  To learn more Bottomless Closet, please visit the organization’s website.