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Operational Leaders

Jan 26, 2021

Before and RiskReversal Advisors, before the regular panelist role on CNBC’s Fast Money, Dan Nathan was a trader in the hedge fund business.  He joins the Operational Leaders podcast for a special two-part bonus episode.  Dan and host Terrance O’Malley swap personal stories about their experience in the asset management business and share insights into the private fund sector.

In Part 1, Dan describes his early days as a hedge fund trader, and how he later pivoted to the next phase of his career as a business advisor and market commentator.  Dan also shares a behind-the-scenes look at his time on Fast Money, as well as his current perspective on the private fund business.  In addition, Dan talks about his new podcast, On The Tape, that goes in-depth on the most important financial stories of the week.

You can learn more about Dan, RiskReversal and On The Tape by checking out his RiskReversal website.