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Operational Leaders

Apr 14, 2021

In 2001, David Lewis founded a one-person consulting practice that has since grown to become OperationsInc, one of the largest HR consulting practices in the U.S.  When the COVID pandemic hit nearly twenty years later, David and his team set out to become nationally recognized experts on all matters related to managing companies through the crisis and its eventual aftermath.

In this episode, David discusses the crisis and some critical early lessons.  He then shares his thoughts on why compensation arrangements are harder to predict in the near term than in the medium term.  David also talks about how COVID forced the move to a work-from-home model, why it will become a permanent option, how it changes the employer-employee dynamic, and why firms need to make the option a key consideration when it comes time to re-opening offices.

To learn more about David and OperationsInc, please visit the firm’s website.

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