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Operational Leaders

Jun 16, 2021

The ability to raise capital is fundamental to the success of any investment management firm.  Evan Katz often stands in the middle of that effort, serving as Managing Director of Crawford Ventures, a firm dedicated to helping hedge and PE funds grow, thrive and raise substantial investor capital.

In this episode, Evan talks about his role advising firms looking to raise capital.  He shares his observations about some basic fundraising principles, tips and best practices, and why some managers are much more successful than others.  He discusses the importance of founders investing in the operational side of their business, including hiring the best possible fundraiser and the best possible executive team.  He also notes the importance of targeting the right allocators for a manager’s size and strategy, rather than casting a broad net.  Evan also describes why he thinks the use of a “Founders’ Class” is a bad idea.

To learn more about his firm, please visit the Crawford Ventures website.

Evan closes out the episode speaking about a very important charity where he volunteers his time and talents – Help for Children (aka Hedge Funds Care) – an organization focused on the prevention and treatment of child abuse.

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