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Operational Leaders

May 5, 2021

John Phinney has held almost every C-Suite position in the investment management industry.  He has seen some of the best practices - and the worst - on the operational side of the business.  In 2013, he left the in-house world behind and co-founded Convergence, Inc., a firm committed to filling a void in data, research and analytics coverage of the Alternative Investments space.

In this episode, John shares experiences and insights from his noted career.  He talks about the importance of “tone at the top” for any firm to achieve sustained success, the correlation between the quality of a firm’s regulatory filings and its commitment to operational soundness, and how financial crisis are typically brought on by bad actors exploiting regulatory cracks in the system.  John also discusses how data and analytics can be a helpful tool in identifying potential problems and improving the efficiency of a firm’s internal operations.

To learn more about John and his firm, please see the Convergence website.

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