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Operational Leaders

May 28, 2020

It all rolls up to the Chief Operating Officer.  For over 15 years, Joe Signorile has held the COO position in the private fund industry.  He also founded Our Peer Group (“OPG”), a leading best-in-class private network of COOs and CFOs that enables peer-to-peer communications.

Joe joins this episode to discuss the responsibilities and challenges presented by the Chief Operating Officer role.  He talks about the qualities that make a good COO - understand all areas of the business, managing people and gaining the confidence of the portfolio manager/owner.  He also offers some thoughts for vendors on the importance of developing long-term relationships.  In addition, Joe sounds a word of caution on outsourcing. 

Joe concludes with some background on OPG, including its origins, the services it provides and where he hopes to see it grow in the future.  For more information about OPG, please visit the organization’s website.