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Operational Leaders

Oct 28, 2020

Over the course of his 40-year career in FinTech, Mike DeSanti has been at the forefront of almost every technological advance in the business.  He believes we are in the midst of another great movement forward.

In this episode, Mike talks about his role as President of LightPoint Financial Technology, a firm he joined in 2017 to help build a flexible and modern trading, risk and accounting platform using the latest software design and infrastructure technologies.  He explains some of the key drivers – including open source software and the cloud – propelling the ability to create an integrated system for multiple  middle and back office functions.  Mike also discusses the inherent challenges in replacing fragmented legacy systems, when it may be time to replace those legacy systems and the advantages startups have in adopting new systems from the outset.

To learn more about Mike and LightPoint, please visit the company’s website.