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Operational Leaders

Nov 4, 2020

The quest for alternative data has grown exponentially over the past few years, and so have the challenges of identifying and assessing the value of alternative data sources.  Rado Lipuš and his team at Neudata have been at the forefront of helping investment management clients find, evaluate and select new data sources that will advance their investment processes.

In this episode, Rado shares his experience working in the alternative data field.  He explains what constitutes alternative data, how it's identified, and who uses it.  He also discusses some recent trends involving the use of alternative data, and offers some advice about the dataset on-boarding process.  In between, Rado notes how he saw an opportunity to start his own firm in 2016 by bringing alternative data users unbiased evaluations and advice that could help them make better investments.  

To learn more about Rado and Neudata, please visit the company website.