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Operational Leaders

Jul 21, 2020

Gregory Zuckerman has spent more than twenty-five years covering some of the biggest stories in the private fund industry.  Along the way, he developed a keen interest in the incredible investing prowess of Jim Simons and his firm Renaissance Technologies.  And Greg wanted to write a book about it. 

Though reluctant at...

Jul 9, 2020

Thanks for listening to Season One of the Operational Leaders podcast.

To wrap things up on a lighter note, we put together a brief episode featuring outtakes and bloopers.


And please check back over the summer for the occasional pop-up episode.

We’ll see you again in the fall for Season Two.

Jul 2, 2020

Over the past two plus decades, the alternative fund industry has seen its share of changes, including on the operational side of the business.  Michael C. Neus has been there to help guide some of the top firms through these changes. 

He has served as a General Counsel, a Chief Compliance Officer and a Chief Operating...