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Operational Leaders

Mar 19, 2020

Leader and innovator, Monel Amin, saw a problem and set out to fix it. The due diligence process of exchanging information between allocators and managers was manually intensive, administratively burdensome and most importantly, a two-sided problem. Together with her team of experts, Monel created DiligenceVault, the first two-sided digital diligence platform for investment managers, asset owners and allocators.      

In this episode, Monel describes the events that lead to the creation of DiligenceVault, as well as some of the product’s key features and functionality. She then discusses more broadly the impact of technology on the investment management industry and the InvestTech ecosystem. Monel also shares a number of insights on future developments, including her expectation that broad-based client solutions will arise from partnerships and alliances among technology firms, each specializing in their own areas of core competence.     

To learn more about Monel Amin and DiligenceVault, please visit the company’s website.