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Operational Leaders

May 21, 2020

Trading agreements are lengthy and complicated. The consequences of missing an issue or getting bad terms can be significant, particularly in times of turbulent markets. Getting the best terms requires focus, dedication and deep industry knowledge that is not always easy to find. Attorney and business person, Poseidon Retsinas, saw an opportunity. In 2019, he launched a law firm called HedgeLegal that specializes in helping the buy side negotiate its trading agreements.

In this episode, Poseidon talks about some of the factors that led him to launch HedgeLegal. He also talks about his business model and how his experience, focus and efficiency allow his firm to charge on a per-agreement (rather than hourly basis) basis. In addition, Poseidon offers some insights on the terms that the buyside should give the most attention, as well as common pitfalls that the buyside should avoid.

To learn more about Poseidon and HedgeLegal, please see the firm’s website.