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Operational Leaders

Jun 9, 2021

Shaun Murray helps lead Margin Reform, a UK-based consultancy focused on helping clients address margin, collateral and legal issues in the derivatives, repo and securities lending space.  He joined Margin Reform as CEO in 2019, teaming up with former colleague Chetan Joshi, the firm’s founder and COO.

In this episode, Shaun provides some background on the development of the derivatives market and particularly the impact of the 2008 financial crisis. He explains how the crisis led to increased regulation and transparency and also changed how firms viewed collateral and the use of margin.  Shaun also discusses how firms manage risk through internal controls and how they internally track and allocate the costs of borrowing.  Along the way, Shaun adds a few insights on building and running a successful consultancy.

To learn more about Shaun and the firm, please visit the Margin Reform website.

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